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Welcome to Sound Foundation, a 360-degrees-DIY digital playground and social hub wholly committed to supporting independent creatives, their crowds and our guests. Our platform offers the richest visual setting for the publishing of indie music, books and films and we are one of the first platforms that lets customers buy content from each other and rewards them for it. (Check out the STASHES tab to learn more about that). Our goal is to professionally market our creatives' content and distribute their music online, and we use the highest standards of graphic design and online delivery to achieve it. In our first year we hosted over 50,000 unique visitors and today, we represent independent creatives from over 35 countries around the world.


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Embrace I dont think I'm pregnant Futurizms Live Somewhere Sunshine Gemini's Many Sides Leaving The Dream Let The Spirit Out The Fool Of Hearts The Big Hoo Hah

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